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2014-07-25 10:01:38 Call for Breakout Session and Poster Proposals for 2014 UMCCTS Community Engagement Symposium 0 Borg, Amy
2014-07-18 09:45:54 FW: GRAND ROUNDS - The New Physician: A Change Agent for Population Health - Dr. Roderick K. King, MD, MPH - Aug. 12th - 5:15pm 0 Borg, Amy
2014-07-15 13:50:41 FW: Cafe Woo: July 21st 0 Borg, Amy
2014-06-27 08:21:22 FW: [CBPR] The National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities (NPA) will host a webimar on Community Needs Assessments, July 9th 0 Borg, Amy
2014-06-09 15:34:36 UMCCTS Community Engagement Pilot Grant Awards, Webinars, Symposium 0 Borg, Amy
2014-05-21 12:09:17 UMCCTS Webinar: E-Cigarettes...Are They Safe? Are They a Cessation Device? What is their I =?utf-8?B?bXBhY3Q/IOKIkiBBbiBFeHBsb3JhdGlvbiBvZiBSZXNl 0 Borg, Amy
2014-05-12 11:31:01 UMCCTS Webinar: Tobacco Prevention and Cessation: Community Based Research Implications 0 Borg, Amy
2014-04-28 12:00:44 Webinar: Partnering with Community to Increase Study Recruitment and Retention 0 Borg, Amy
2014-04-14 10:28:03 Common Pathways 2nd Mental Health Summit on May 1 0 Borg, Amy
2014-04-07 15:11:55 Webinar: Partnering with Community to Increase Study Retention and Recruitment - 4/29/2014 0 Borg, Amy
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