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PXPTrace followup   2011-09-29 15:15:52 <Chan, Wayne>
There were concerns expressed regarding the AA PXPTrace tool sql statement output - that they don't look exactly like a regular sql statement. So, Paul, Tom E. and I had looked into that and ran successful queries using the sample PXPTrace sql output from the wiki against the Allscripts DB - we got pretty much the same results as from the AA.

I have updated the wiki "PXPTrace" page with this (and relevant screenshots), see http://wiki.umassmed.edu/allscripts/wiki/index.php/PXPTrace:_The_AA_Tool_that_traces_the_Actual_%22SQL_Query%22_Behind_its_%22English_Query%22.
- Wayne

P.S. The Allscripts DB had changed since last Thursday when I first added the PXPTrace page - back then we got 18 "allscripts" results vs. 16 results presently - just a curious observation.

S. Wayne Chan
Biomedical Research Informatics Development Group (BRIDG) and Biomedical Research Informatics Consultation & Knowledge Service (BRICKS),
Division of Health Informatics & Implementation Science (HIIS),
Department of Quantitaive Health Sciences (QHS),
University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS) at Worcester, MA 01655
(508) 856-8947

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